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Natural Shampoo 16 oz

Natural Shampoo 16 oz

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Our natural shampoo is the perfect solution for hair that needs a little extra help. Formulated with hair growth promoting ingredients, it helps to stimulate follicle and scalp health to achieve thicker, longer, and healthier hair. It also contains nourishing botanicals and essential oils!

We use our proprietary blend of micronutrients and minerals to help deliver the golden ingredients and nutrients straight to the follicles while helping you avoid toxic and harmful ingredients found in regular shampoos.   Thank you for letting us be a part of your hair growth journey!  

Ingredients: Castile soap,  organic coconut glycerine, jojoba oil,  argan oil,  aloe vera,  peppermint oil,  lavender oil,  Rosemary oil,  guar gum,  our propriety blend of minerals and micronutrients. 



16 oz pump bottle



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FINALLY! A safe natural way to start seeing real results

in as little as 2 to 3 weeks! Everyone's results will vary but we have had very exciting results. The pic to the right was 3 weeks difference.