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Natural Conditioning Bars

Natural Conditioning Bars

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These 100% Natural Conditioner Bars are perfect to pair with the shampoo bars and of course the popular hair serum!  Did you know all of our products are all natural and toxic free and loaded with our proprietary blend of minerals and micronutrients,  giving your scalp the golden nutrients needed for thicker, longer, stronger hair! 

Most store brand shampoo and conditioner actually cause hair fallout along with other harmful side effects from the toxic ingredients.   You can be assured we only use the safest, most natural and effective ingredients that will give you results unlike anything else!  Check out our testimonials! 


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FINALLY! A safe natural way to start seeing real results

in as little as 2 to 3 weeks! Everyone's results will vary but we have had very exciting results. The pic to the right was 3 weeks difference.